6. Providing a turnkey pay per download service

Providing a turnkey pay per download service to deliver revenue - read more:




Raw data has little value until it is turned into information, using one or more of the various SDS ES solutions described elsewhere in the web site. That information provides true value to our clients – enabling better knowledge and thus enabling better decision making.
But this new source of useful and interesting information can in some cases be exploited – it becomes a saleable asset capable of very significant revenue creation, with very little cost offset. Clearly this does not apply to sensitive or confidential information – but a review of your “informational assets” may well identify areas of potential value.

This may apply to a “closed user group” (i.e. a Membership Group, Shareholders, Special Interest Group, etc.) or to the world – and that is a decision that you will need to make (but we can provide advice). You may want certain defined groups to have free access whereas everyone else has to pay to view and download.

This will require a system which allows open access to the contents of your collection – but only enables on-line access to the actual “artefact” in return for the agreed payment.

The SDS ES “pay per download” service does all this for you. We create the “contents directory” for the material approved by you and we price the download service according to your requirements. We create, manage and handle all aspects of the on-line payment system, fulfill each and every order (electronically and/or physically, as appropriate), produce and send the invoices and receipts, ensure receipt of payment before fulfilling each order – and provide fully auditable record trails for you.

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