7. Why use us?

Benefits of working with SDS-ES


• Experienced team with a proven track record.

• Over 22 years of successfully delivering clients’ requirements.

• Broad range of proven information management applications.

• History of long term, extremely positive, client relationships.

• Regarded as business partners meeting our clients’ current and future needs.

• Unique combination of in-house technology teams – both in scanning/digitisation/atomisation and in every aspect of client specific information management IT requirements.

• No client facing activity is subcontracted (even including collection and return of client material).

• Although every client is different and we deliver to each client’s requirements, every client benefits from the expertise we have gained over the years to the extent that additional IT charges are very rarely required. We clearly identify in advance where the client requirement is entirely new.


Need more information?

Please call me, Alan Bannister on 07770 980 142 or email me at alan@sds-es.co.uk