Digitising data from all “hard copy” and “electronic” sources, in house

 DATA becomes INFORMATION creating KNOWLEDGE enabling ACTION



Transforming Data into Information;

Enabling Information to become easily accessible Knowledge;
This newly accessed Knowledge allows better Decision Making
In some cases this Information has external re-sale value which we can help you to exploit

Total Client satisfaction record – not one document has ever been damaged, let alone destroyed, in over 21 years of operation

SDS-ES Services include:

Information consultancy: identification of critical data; advice on search criteria; presentation of Information; budgeting; etc..
Scanning, Digitising and Atomising our Client’s raw data – stored in physical documents, books, newsletters, magazines, etc..
Combining this with our Client’s electronically stored data – on PCs, computers, servers, storage devices, etc..
Providing the unique SDS Software Systems to enable full Search and Browse capability
Presenting the entirety as useful, valuable and retrievable Information
Where appropriate, presenting specific Information on-line and/or on CD-ROMs/DVDs/Flash Sticks/Memory Cards etc.. for the Client to make available for sale