Fulfilling Information Assurance responsibilities

Fulfilling Information Assurance responsibilities – Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability of your Information


SDS-ES: Protecting your Data and Information against Disaster and enabling its use in Emergency

(Securing your Reputation, Meeting your Legal Responsibilities – Delivering Peace of Mind)

Are you currently fully protected against fire, flood, insect or rodent damage, human error, deliberate attack, terrorist threat (whether or not you are the target), viruses, trojans, hackers, “hacktivists”, etc..?

SDS-ES will create electronic duplicate back-up copies of everything that we handle for our Clients and hold them in multiple locations (as agreed with each Client to meet their protocols). This assists the fulfilment of the legal obligations of Directors (including Non-Executives) and Management to look after the valuable assets and maintain the running of any type of organisation in times of crisis (“Duty of Care” and “Fiduciary Responsibility”)

We will also enable your key personnel to have on-line access to critical (e.g. building or staff) Information in times of emergency

SDS Systems Provide:

Full contingency provision of back-up copies of all records supplied to us, giving you proof of Disaster-Recovery policy
Instant, on-line, access to (e.g.) vital building details in case of fire or other entry-prevention situations – enabling you to provide the Emergency Services with potentially life- and property- saving Knowledge which would otherwise be inaccessible and too late